Brazil Mission Story

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Brazilian Amazon Mission, 2011

When I was a little girl, I heard stories of jungle missionaries.  I heard about the tribal people, the large dangerous river, the gazillions of poisonous creatures in the water and on the land, and the magical beauty of the rain forest.   I nearly burst with excitement when I heard the medical team was going to the Amazon!

The lead doctor informed me it will be a little tougher than Africa, even though to me, it seemed much easier than Africa.  I’d have to sleep on an open-air boat in a hammock with giant mosquitoes swarming the net, bathe in parasitic water by either swimming in the river or pumping water up from it, and I’d have to walk up and down muddy riverbanks with large duffel bags of medical supplies. That didn’t scare me at all…in fact, all I heard was, “Adventure Of A Life Time!” and volunteered immediately.  This time I assisted the ER doctor as well as the dentist.

I think the Amazon was my most favorite mission trip of all.  Maybe because I always wanted to be a jungle missionary and sleep on the river in a hammock, helping others along the way.  Maybe because a secret side of me always wanted to be “Jerusha of the Jungle” sharing God’s love with others.  I just really loved it, and will forever be grateful for the opportunity to serve in the Brazilian Amazon!  To read stories from the trip, click the link.